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I am currently employed as a software engineer.

I enjoy working with Python, Bash, and Vim. I also dabble in Go, Haskell, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

comment Disabling all write (cd burning) permissions for a specific group of users on all CD/DVD drives mounted in Windows XP Pro SP3
This seems like more of a administration question than a programming question, so it might be a better fit over at serverfault.com.
comment Comcast Public IP is sort of blocked
I think this is a case of failure to read the configuration. I thought I was allowing pings, but inverted the meaning of the option, and then my port forwarding was to the wrong internal IP. So it doesn't look like I actually have a problem. I'll delete this question unless it's better that I leave it.
comment Comcast Public IP is sort of blocked
It is -- I can ping the external IP when I'm on my network. Also, if I try to connect to a forwarded port on the router, I have the same issue (packets disappear into the ether).