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comment Cannot create key bindings with the pipe-key on my Norwegian keyboard in Sublime Text 2
If this is the case, and there are no workarounds, then this is a bug. Because letting me bind the so called "tilde" key to functionality is expected functionality from a $70 software.
comment Is it possible to have low level encryption on the disks of a Synology Disk Station DS213J (NAS)?
I was hoping to use Cloud Station. Very similar to Dropbox, but it puts the files in the homes folder which is not possible to encrypt. I ended up using Duplicati (looks similar to Duplicity) for backup over WebDAV (HTTPS) in an encrypted shared folder. It won't synchronize files, however, currently I only have one computer. My other users will have to manage their own synchronization method or use the unencrypted Cloud Station. Thank you for your answer.
comment How to bind left-shift+mouse-up/down-scroll to page-up/down in Windows 7
Thank you, I installed AutoHotKey and used your script. Works perfectly! I was knee deep in C# trying to figure out global hooks to Keyboard and Mouse, however, this solved my problem.