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comment Browse and use archive like any regular folder
Archiving files allows you to reduce the file system complexity which can help with many things in the OS. If you have 10M files and have to do a check disk you'll spend days scanning the system.... even if those files are not used much. If you can consolidate them then they are seen as just one file by chkdsk. Similarly if you are searching files. I deal with pro audio and many libraries have tons of small files(older libraries may have 10k files of around 1k each for synth presets). Each small file takes up a min of the cluster size. I've seen 10gb expand to 40gb because of this.
comment Always maximize almost maximized window utility
The problem is, that the window looks maximized. It's not a matter of how to maximize it BUT to realize that it isn't maximized. Obviously I could just click on the maximize button if I new it wasn't maximized. I need some utility that hooks into the app when creating it's window and can do the "almost maximized" check.
comment Replace scattered files from archive
The problem is not "mirroring" the data structure or updating only existing files. It is dealing with the "from" directory as being flat. All the programs I to do this sort of thing compare the files based on their full paths. In this case I want to compare only there filenames(and not paths). C:\root dir(to)\somepath\filea should be treated as the same as D:\root dir(from)\filea. I'll just write a batch file to do it. Shouldn't be that difficult.
comment Chrome multiple tabs per page
This is the closest one that does what I want. It would be nice to easily be able to combine, close, or split tabs with just a click or two(e.g., open link in split tab).