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comment Add Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge manually
After attempting to import the folder directly into Edge the bookmarks had actually shown up in Internet Explorer. So I switched the FavoritesESEEnabled in the registry back to 1 and simply imported the bookmarks from Internet Explorer. This seems to be a workaround for not being able to import the bookmarks directly.
comment Add Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge manually
Thanks again. Microsoft really needs to sort out bookmark management in Edge, it's non-existent really!
comment Add Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge manually
Thanks very much for your help. Using the .bat file I have switched Edge to use the Favourites folder, copied favourites to the folder and deleted FavOrder in the registry. Favourites are now showing in Edge. However I suspect that this will probably mean that currently the new Edge bookmark synchronization feature won't work. Really I would like to get my bookmarks into the ESE database as being the new default presumably it is the recommended way. I tried setting FavoritesESEEnabled in the registry to 1 but this did not work, the bookmarks just disappeared again.
comment Win 8.1 blue screen crash. Now won't boot to USB setup
Thanks Jakke. I've figured it out. Even though the POST LEDs were saying that the RAM was fine and it was showing in the BIOS it seems on of my 2 DIMMs has become faulty.
comment Windows 8 installation - cannot create new partition or locate existing one
Thanks for the help Moab! However I tried again and all of a sudden I was able to create a partition. I don't know what it could have been though, I really don't know how anything was different the final time. But never mind it is working!