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comment Import groups from Photoshop PSD?
Thanks. I knew about this however it doesn't quite work the way I need, as edits you make need to be made to the original imported document. If the psd I'm placing has different types of groups, then they can't be edited directly in the template document
comment Remove old TimeMachine backups from another machine?
Unfortunately this only shows backups made from this machine, not from my previous machine
comment Forwarding of root URL only?
Going to the root will load up index.html first and index.php if there is no HTML. I already have an index.html file there that I require access to, but only want access if the user specifies it in the URL field
comment Configure separate DNS server for VPN users?
Thanks. I actually use Windows 7 Ultimate edition so has the VPN functionality. The reason I only wanted VPN traffic to use a specific DNS and not the global W7 DNS was so that I can use my W7 box without the need of pushing all traffic through this DNS. Unfortunately i've only got a BT HomeHub so I can't flash it and the only VPN functionality is so it can pass it through the router