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comment Can't Install Software From Windows Store
@TravelingTechGuy - No AV/security as far as I can tell. There is space on the hard-drive. I'm currently in Ireland and the region is set to Ireland. :(
comment Can't Install Software From Windows Store
@TravelingTechGuy - None that I know of, but this isn't a clean install. Good thought, ty...I'll have a look now.
comment How To Create 'Transparent' or 'Undetectable' Symbolic Links With NTFS?
I believe a hardlink would work; but then I would need to create a hardlink for each individual file, right? I'm trying to link a directory.
comment Customizing Windows 8 Live Tiles
That's excellent. I'm a little sad it's not a part of Windows 8 - but that will do exactly what I want. Thank you. If you want to post that as an answer, I believe it's a good one.
comment Windows 7 - No Primary Partition - Is This Wrong?
Thank you. I think I'll just make it simple and do a clean install of both and get rid of the extra partitions included with the laptop.
comment Automatically Encrypt And Forward An E-mail
But I'd like for other e-mail sent from Outlook to not be encrypted. Is that possible?
comment Trouble Turning Computer On
I don't know how hot it gets - but I can say that it's never shut itself down or had a BSOD. This problem has been going on for 8-9 months now and my computer is very stable. Once it turns on, it acts as my media server almost 24/7 and then works great when I play games like WoW on it. The reason I'm trying to fix it now is that I'm getting a computer desk and reaching in and smacking the back of the PC is going to be awfully difficutl
comment Determining the 'weak link' in a Wireless Network
@Will - Yeah, I've done the conversions; I'm getting around 1.35 MB/s but I'm hoping to get that up to 2.0 MB/s. I've used a portable USB Hard-drive and I've verified that both are capable of reading/writting many times faster than I'm seeing through the network (copying 15gigs with the HD took less than 30 minutes, copying 15gigs via wifi was around 3 hours).