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I like to make stuff and get recognized for it. You can see some of those in Basil Salad Software.

What I do right now is primarily around Cocoa/Objective-C and also some Cordova (PhoneGap) stuff hence JavaScript, SAPUI5, and Android since the dayjob demands it. Also did some patents too (although I can't really say much about those publicly until they're past the Patent Office's nondisclosure period).

But those can change, since they have changed previously. Before that it was a C++ web application (yes, C++ on the web – you're not hallucinating). Even before there were Microsoft SQL Server, Java, PL/SQL, you name it. Heck, I programmed 16-bit Windows during the days.

I did 2nd line support, and shift work. I managed a good number of business-critical applications on my own during the credit crunch (and the hiring freeze that came with it). I did data warehousing. I took various job types and industry types from freelancing, to consultant, to end-user environments – from Oil & Gas, Software, DotCom, and Banking. I'm well experienced of the situations in both startups and large corporate environments and very familiar in how things get done and how things differs and how they're the same.

You're Interested? You can view my more technical writing at Making the Switch.

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