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I like to tag myself as someone who does what is necessary in order to achieve a goal, even if that means going through some sort of short term uncomfortable situation. In Software Development or any other kind of creative engagement, it is not unusual that things which started with the best of intentions end up quickly turning into unmanageable, failure-prone beasts. I'm an agile design thinker with over 20 years of experience hacking computers, 3+ years of those with hands on experience programming Javascript both in the back and the front end of Web applications.

Previous to dedicating myself exclusively to software development and entrepreneurship, I had spent my life as a traveler, musician, visual artist and political engaged citizen. I'm passionate about people and look forward to build strong and truthful relationships longing to empower their lives so their business thrive in a highly dynamic and competitive millennium.

Reach me if you're looking for a professional who can draw high fidelity animated mock-ups, build prototypes, develop services to talk with REST APIs, deploy to some cloud infrastructure or build some great UX with JavaScript front-to-back on desktop and mobile.