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comment When data gets deleted from your Recycle Bin, what happens to it?
@Yaitzme moving a file does not generally move the contents of a file. If the source and destination are on the same partition, only the name of the file is moved (i.e. a pointer to the file is added to the new directory, and deleted from the old directory). The data can stay in the same place. Only when you move a file across partitions do you need to copy all the contents.
comment Mass migration of EXIF GPS data (a.k.a. Escape from iPhoto)
@BenGross Perl's glob function splits the given pattern at whitespace into subpatterns. Putting quotes around the argument should fix that—I updated my code accordingly. I don't have sufficiently deep knowledge of the parsing rules to make the same fix in the bash version.
comment Mass migration of EXIF GPS data (a.k.a. Escape from iPhoto)
This question is a bit too far into the “gimme teh codez plz” region, but I think I can help you solve the problem yourself. First, a few important questions: ① Do you have any programming experience (if yes, of what form)? This helps targeting explanations. ② Can you guarantee the only difference between photo paths is Mod changing to Orig, and the extension changing from jpg to NEF? ③ Is the depth of the photo paths constant, or do some event folders have sub-folders that should be visited? ④ Do you want to use Perl or Bash?