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Software developer working for an IT services supplier in the UK, writing bespoke software for everything and anything our clients need

I write mostly in C# with Silverlight, WPF and a little Winforms (but not if I can avoid it!); plenty of SQL, SSRS etc; I dabble in all sorts

I love the .NET framework and all the great stuff that's in it to make it possible to do stuff in 1 line of code (e.g. Linq!)

answered Virtual pc mouse not responding to clicks after drag and drop from physical machine
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comment Windows 7 Aero theme's “greyed out” - no found fix
This worked for me, the wife complained that her lappy was missing the transparency... the baby had been hammering the keys, not sure what he'd done (maybe task managered something!), but all the themes were greyed out and I was scratching my head for a bit. A restart of the Themes service fixed it!