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I'm probably not the Bill Cole you're thinking of. I'm the other one you never heard of or only remember when reminded. There are a LOT of Bill Cole's in the US... I used to be Bill Stewart-Cole, but keeping that name would have been very weird. No other Bill Cole can say that. Well, not honestly.

Sysadmin, semi-retired anti-spam activist, Mac and Unix Bigot, incident forensics savant. Former St. Louisan occasionally known there as "Dr. Bill" for obscure reasons, Detroiter since '98. Veteran of CDI (for DaimlerChrysler) MAPS (when it was Vixie's hobby) gedas (for VWoA) and T-Systems (also for VWoA, mostly). Currently happily working from home for a globally dispersed security-focused provider of IT infrastructure facilities and services.

I only use Microsoft-ware when paid to do so. The only machine I've ever owned which has ever booted into a Microsoft OS was my BootCamped MacBook.

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