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I'm the kind of guy that works well with the conceptual, spatial, seeing the forest at 40,000 feet. I understand complex things quickly, but I can't program worth "sh**" -- I get lost in the details just as fast.

I admire beautiful code, though I'll never be able to write it myself.

But ask me how to solve any problem facing your staff, company, city, county, etc., and I can very quickly ask you series of questions and can quickly list the systems involved, currently existing or those needing to be created, and then I can describe how they would work in transition phases and final implementation, and I could list the resources it would take to implement a solution with the least negative impact and a lot of positive results. All from my head.

That's why I'm the "front-end" guy -- I go into businesses and quickly sow them that htier dreams can come true. Then I call a team of programmers and systems people in, and we work it out and they go build it.

I envy them. I just get overwhelmed when I try to program.

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