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I help people make games. On my new site ("Red Blob Games") I post interactive tutorials and guides to game algorithms. On my previous site (Amit's Game Programming Information) I collect links to useful pages about maps, grids, tiles, pathfinding, and AI. On my blog ("Blobs in Games") I post experiments and projects and ideas. Previously I was an advisor to Wild Shadow Studios (Realm of the Mad God) and Root 1 (educational games).

comment Org mode capture
Oh I see, I misread, sorry about that. I looked at the org-capture-fill-template function .. I wanted to see whether %(...) would work but it looks like that gets evaluated before the prompts are run, so it can't perform calculations based on the date you enter. :(
comment which auto-complete mode to use for writing English in Emacs
Have you tried M-/ (dabbrev-expand)? It guesses and fills in something automatically, and if you don't like it you can use M-/ again to try something different. emacswiki.org/emacs/CategoryCompletion has lots of different packages that might be worth looking at.
comment How can I customize the background color for the active window in emacs?
I don't think what I do is 100% robust but it works most of the time. I use defadvice on other-window, select-window, and select-frame, and I also use window-configuration-change-hook. Here's the code I use
comment Color numbers differently in emacs
There's a highlight-numbers mode on melpa and also available here.