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comment How do I sync grouped Windows Store apps between devices?
Mcandre is right. There is no desktop sync available. My understanding (from talking to a Win8 developer) is that MS decided against this type of sync for exactly the reasons Mcandre mentions. Not all apps will work on all devices, depending on whether they are mobile, WinRT, etc. In addition, There may be apps that work on my phone and tablet, but I don't want them to appear in both places. Think how cluttered your phone may become if that were the case. I do like the idea of giving folks an option though. It wouldn't be a bad app to write.
comment Windows 8 PC added to trusted list but still thinks it's untrusted
Thanks for the edit Rakib :)
comment Lost OneNote Files--New Computer. How can I synch from SkyDrive?
What are you sharing permissions set as for the "missing" notebooks?
comment How do I enable an auto download of newly installed Metro Apps?
Agreed. I totally understand why you would want this functionality. I have pined for it myself :) However, I also have a bunch of stuff on my RT tablet that I don't need on my desktop and a bunch on the desktop that won't even run on the tablet yet. MS's Solitaire is a good example. Still bummed about that :) I forgot to mention... in the store... if you swipe from the top or right click for the top app bar, you will see a tab for "Your Apps". This will display all the apps that are available to install on the current device. You can select multiples and install in one step.
comment How can I debug user mode driver failures in Windows 8
I have Win8, and that is where they are stored for me... Here is a link to some generic info on enabling minidump but not specific to Win8... link as well as [link] (…) Hope that helps a little....
comment Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut to go to Desktop
Got it :) Thanks for clarifying for me. Just in case it's helpful, here's a link to almost any shortcut you might ever need... link