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I am working for a renewable energy consultancy company. I convert renewable energy expertise in user friendly digital tools. This can be an Excel workbook, website (Joomla, Mediawiki, question2answer) or (GIS based) database.

In my private time I have build a few websites. The most successful one is allepeilingen.com which compares polls of Dutch political parties. The week before the elections I received 7,000 unique visitors per day on my website.

Technologies I have experience with: MediaWiki, Joomla Component Development, REALbasic, Mathematica, Matlab, VBA, PHP, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Google Visualization API, Google Maps API and GRASS

comment Serial to Stereo cable?
Currently still new devices which uses these type of cables are sold today: conrad.com/ce/en/product/101367/Voltcraft-CM-100-CO2-Meter
comment excel performance: Lookup Vs Getpivotdata
I assume the pivot only has to do the aggregations only on refresh and since my base data is fixed I will not hit refresh. I only use the GetPivotData function for lookup purposes.
comment excel performance: Lookup Vs Getpivotdata
I am very familiar with ODBC links to external databases from Excel. In this case I would like to have a stand alone Excel based system and I am looking for the most efficient solution.