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started dabbaling in C++ about 3-4 years ago. Thought I was gunna be all cool and hack all my favorite MMOs. Yeah, that really took of.... as soon as I experianced the 'Hello wold' rollercoaster, it was all about creating my own work.

I know a fair amount by now, decent experince in C/C++, and starting to grasp the ropes of AS3 a bit tighter - now im getting into winsock (writing a server for the game client im also working on, which is in AS3) but of course im still far from 'educated'

Now, if youve read between the lines, youll notice that im taking on a fairly large project, most of wich i dont have the in-depth know-how for; but thats how i do things: set a goal, and dive in, whatever i need to learn ill learn on the way.

If your interested in my project you can check out my site (in my details).

wheew, ima out of breath now..... time for a smoke.

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