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I was on the Google Chrome GPU team implementing Chrome's GPU subsystem including WebGL and Pepper 3D. I've shipped over 17 commercial games from Atari 800/Apple 2/Commodore 64 days all the way through PS3 and Xbox 360.




comment Chrome: remove URL from autocomplete which doesn't show up in history?
worked for me on chrome 39, OSX 10.10, macbook pro. Also verified that it synced to my iPhone Chrome. I used to type "wea" and it would complete to "weather.com" which I didn't want. So, typed "wea", saw it complete, pressed shift+fn+del, then cleared the omnibar bar and typed "wea" again, no more "weather.com". Tried it on iOS a few minutes later. At first it did complete to "weather.com" but a few moments later it stopped. YEA!
comment How to setup OSX as a wifi router from the command line
No I'm not connected to a WiFi network. I want my mac to BE the WiFi network that other devices connect to. Right now I'm making due by hacking a router I own and setting up it's DHCP to point back to my Mac but I'd like to be able to use the Mac as the router. It doesn't have to be command line but I suspect I can't do it otherwise. This is relatively unique thing I'm trying to do.
comment Share a Wifi connection through wifi on Mac OS X
How do I un-do the above once I've issued the commands?
comment Force an application to use a specific network interface
This isn't really an answer is it? The question is how to force an app not a website. For example what I wanted Safari to go over VPN(ppp0) but Firefox to go over en0 regardless of what site they are accessing? That's the question.
comment Opening a new terminal from the command line and running a command on Mac OS X?
I'm sure this obvious to an applescript expert but how about an example that launches any program? Basically like I can do 'xterm -e somecomnand'