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Niko Drašković

Writing up my About me as if anyone's ever going to read it. Hey, wait a minute... you're reading this! Don't you hate it when someone uses that joke? :-)

Suddenly, I'm so nervous... can't... breathe... Nah, just kidding. The write-to-read offset removes all the usual stage-fright symptoms, so effectively it's just you reading what might as well be me talking to myself.

So, since you're already here, let me entertain you with a stolen joke:

  • Q: "Why did the multi-threading chicken cross the road?"
  • A: "to side. other the To get"

Note: Since markdown doesn't support scripts, imagine the answer word order randomizes every time.

Anyways, I'm currently a hobbyist programmer with a masters degree in computer science, working as an air traffic controller - that is if you actually believe in things that people say on the internet.

Might be I'll update this with some website/project links when I get those in order. Might even be I'll post some more jokes, you never know!

Stay tuned. Or don't. Not that this will ever get read. Or will it?