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comment Applescript + pdfpen for ocr on multiple files: how to move on when pdfpen freezes
Just to say: I unfortunately don't have the answer to the problem, but I am experiencing the same issue. I did have a workaround involving killing the PDFPenOCR process when it timed out, but this stopped working with PDFPen v6.3. I'll post back here if/when I get an answer from Smile's support ...
comment PDF has garbled text when copy pasting
I can also confirm this problem with OS X, at least as of 10.8.2. I've spent a bit of time going through the PDF file structure, but unfortunately I can't see any way to repair the damage. Acrobat Pro's "PreFlight" does report issues with the file when checking it against the PDF/A standard, and the Inventory report shows the glyphs being mapped against plainly wrong Unicode characters. I've raised a bug report with Apple - ID 12655651. I'll report back here if/when I get any updates.
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