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comment How to backup apps + data using TitaniumBackup directly to SMB share
@ЯрославРахматуллин: Yeah. It seems that I have to do that to get working what I need. Pity that this wasn't included in the first place. Anyway thanks for your help.
comment What are PATH and other environment variables, and how can I set or use them?
On Windows there is a shortcut for opening properties of System ie. Control Panel -> System It's WIN key on keyboard + Pause/Break (WIN+Break). This is extremely helpful and speeding up process of setting new environmental variables on Win8 because there you have to click through several windows in modern ui (Yeah. If it's modern then I'll grow a cactus on my palm) which is just annoying. Of course you can create powershell script or use setx command and don't worry any more about it :D