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My name is Austin. I'm a software engineer.

I'm interested in Java, Python, C, C++, and JavaScript development. I have a blog at espressoninja.com. As a fun (?) technique in getting more Django experience, I'm writing the blog management software myself; I'm hoping it will force me to write more code when I have a problem that I want to solve or a feature to add.

I graduated from James Madison University in 2008 with a degree in computer science and then earned my Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2011.

Other than software, I'm really into coffee. I'd like to do a trip to a coffee farm and try to follow a batch of beans from the tree to the cup. I'm also into reading; I usually try to finish off a book every month.

Here's my coding portfolio at coderbits.com, with links to my other contributions. Here's another development portfolio at coderwall. I also have a twitter account @austinkeeley.

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