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I'm an fortran (sometimes C) and python programmer. I am interested in computational physics and like to write code. I am also an avid gnuplot user.

I would really like to earn a gold gnuplot badge so upvote my gnuplot answers if you think they're worthwhile ;-)


comment Mounting OSX hard-drive on linux
Thanks. Is there a command I can issue from the commandline to get fdisk like output via gparted?
comment gnuplot used defined function - is there comprehensive documentation?
To those migrating these questions -- Why are you doing this? In what way is SU a better SE site for this question than SO?
comment Why is the gif I created so slow?
Out of curiousity, what happens if you set the delay to 1 rather than 0?
comment How to install PIL with zlip and jpg support in centos with pip python
How did you install python? In my experience with package managers, sometimes you need to explicitly install tkinter. I think it's sudo apt-get install python-tk on Ubuntu -- Don't know about centos though. (and this only addresses 1 of your dependency issues ...)
comment Specifically define colors of bars in histogram
@Michael -- Somehow xidx got lost in my previous post. I don't know how that happened.