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Big believer in Open Source and Linux in general. I used to actually do lots of linux stuff, but at some point was convinced to manage people that do linux stuff.

Despite my current manager status, I do hold a current RHCE certification from RedHat. I have used RedHat since Redhat 4.1 (Vanderbilt) in 1997, so I know quite a bit about RedHat and Fedora so my answers are very heavily swayed toward the RedHat way.

comment Linux “rpl” command doesn't replace text
It looks like there is a bug with rpl that it doesn't handle punctuation as word boundaries. I was able to get it to work with the following sed statement though sed -i 's/\bdate/pdate/g'
comment Unable to connect to FTP server using FileZilla, get response message as ÿý%ÿû
Did you specify port 23? Is that the port your FTP server is running on? Typically that is Telnet, not FTP.
comment What is the simple free ssh software?
What OS? Are you asking about server-side or client-side?