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I'm a currently unemployed system administrator and developer.

My skills are essentially:

  • System administration (various Linux/Unix flavors, from Debian to Slackware and Archlinux)
  • Deployment, scripting
  • C, C#, PHP and Java development

I'm also interested in:

  • Python, Haskell (and globally functional programming), Go programming
  • Electronics, circuit design, low level and hardware development
  • Reverse Engineering

comment Missing PhysXLoader.dll Need For Speed Shift
Nvidia PhysX is a physics engine. It is usually relying on the GPU for its processing, but it can work (severely downgraded) in software mode, with hacks. By default, if the GPU doesn't support PhysX, it is disabled. However, since the games are built against Physics libraries, the engine libraries are needed even if the GPU doesn't support it (otherwise said: even if the libraries are just detecting the absence of PhysX support and disabling the engine), or you get a "missing dll" error.
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