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comment Does using TrueCrypt makes “file shredding” tools obsolete?
I still contend that the statement "a cryptanalyst could certainly get in" is somewhat misleading. Your specific example does not equate to certainty in my mind.
comment Laptop video out to TV
Xavierjazz, I don't know a good way. I'd guess that a laptop that did support it would say so somewhere in the docs or on the maker's website. Or check the docs for the specific video card. If the local shop will let you return the $15 connector if it doesn't work, then you could just try it.
comment Creating PDF Documents
Wil, +1 good point about preserving links, etc.
comment Number of Splitters on Coaxial Connection and Cable Internet Quality of Service
I'd give you +100 if I could just for not typing "loose".
comment Does using TrueCrypt makes “file shredding” tools obsolete?
I find this answer to be somewhat misleading. The cryo method has been documented, but requires access to an up-and-running system. If a bad-guy has that, he doesn't need cryo to get your data. Also, even though "enough computer power" will allow someone to "certainly get in", there isn't enough computer power now to get in during the life of the universe.
comment X11 Style Copy on Select in Windows?
I tried it for a few days. It does exactly what I want but it also does a few things I don't want, and it's not configurable. Nevertheless, it's the best answer and it might work for some people.
comment Free Wi-Fi access is blocking SMTP outgoing emails - any way around this?
I think it is unlikely that GoDaddy is blocking anything. In fact, I suspect that GoDaddy is the e-mail provider but not really the "ISP" so the OP is never really inside GoDaddy's network, even at home.
comment Setting up WiFi so even non-technical people can connect easily
I'd also recommend writing that long passphrase to a spare USB thumbdrive so you can hand it to a visitor.