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Tim Hope

I'm an actor/director but on the side I'm a theatre techie, so I do a lot of theatrical related stuff mainly to do with DMX Control etc, I also work as an interactive AV designer in the Sydney area. I use a variety of languages based on the needs of the project.

I used to work as a web developer but I very rarely do these days unless we're doing some cool stuff with a web interface for the AV, or I'm building a website for a friend's theatre company.

I've been working with php since I was 13, so I have a fairly solid foundation with it, but it doesn't work well for my needs these days. I've taken a strong liking to NodeJS lately and have even found it great for AV projects at times, eventually I'll get a link to a video showing some projects I've done with it. I also use things like OpenCV, OpenFrameworks and the like, though my strength thus far has been in scripting languages I'm getting more confident with the C family languages.

I develop predominantly on a Mac just because it's what I have and it's what the theatre in Australia runs on.

Keeping a low profile.

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