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Mostly a "deep in the guts" kind of guy rather than UI type stuff. Most of my time has been spent on C/C++ and networking, though I was an early adopter of NeXTStep/ObjC/Appkit back in the day, and am finding my way back with the iPhone. I've spent a lot of time doing distributed systems using various technologies, including working with a team on an open-source CORBA ORB.

I don't do Windows. I've tried. Several times. We've just agreed to disagree, and the first thing I install is Cygwin.

I use a Mac as my primary machine, though most of my time currently is spent working on vxworks and linux.

comment Firefox 4 giving a “couldn't calculate the application directory” error
I've got the same problem, but with thunderbird rather than firefox.
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comment Mac OS X Key Remapping
specifically upvoted for the suggestion to use AppleScript.
comment What is an .so file?
Unless Ubuntu does things completely differently from other Linux dynamic linkers, the dynamic linker does not search the path ($PATH), but rather searches a fixed set of paths as well as the directories specified in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. See the man pages for ld.so and ldconfig for more details.
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