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package me; 
# brave new world - huxley
# Was and will make me ill. 
# i take a gramme and only am. 

sub exist {
   my $class = shift; 
   bless {'am'=>'kim'}, $class;     

sub think {
   my ($self,$thought) = @_;
   $self->{'am'} = 'ill'; 

sub take {
   my ($self,$something) = @_;
   $self->{'am'} = undef 
      if ($something =~ /gram(me)?(s)?/i);

sub am {
   my $self = shift; 
   print $self->{'am'} 
         if defined $self->{'am'}; 
   print "\n";

my $i = me->exist();  
   $i->am(); # now nothing

That was when I saw the Pendulum.

The sphere, hanging from a long wire set into the ceiling of the choir, swayed back and forth with isochronal majesty.

I knew - but anyone could have sensed it in the magic of that serene breathing - that the period was governed by the square root of the of the wire and length and by it, that number which, however irrational to sublunar minds, through a higher rationality binds the circumference and diameter of all possible circles. The time it took the sphere to swing from end to end was determined by an arcane conspiracy between the most timeless of measures: the singularity of the point of suspension, the duality of the plane's dimensions, the triadic beginning of K, the secret quadratic nature of the root, and the unnumbered perfection of the circle itself.

I also knew that a magnetic device centered in the floor beneath issued its command to a cylinder hidden in the heart of the sphere, thus assuring continual motion. This device, far from interfering with the law of the Pendulum, in fact permitted its manifestation, for in a vacuum any object hanging from a weightless and unstretchable wire free of air resistance and friction with oscillate for eternity.

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