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comment Open/save file dialog takes a long time to open in Windows
There are 300k lines of log in the time it takes from the moment the dialog appears to when the UI is responsive again.
comment Unblockus.com: how does it work?
That could be. I dispute that they are vastly faster. My VPN provider gives me as much bandwidth as I want (I've clocked 50Mbit/s), and in some cases (distant servers) turning on the VPN actually makes my connection faster than native, because of reduced latency and better configuration.
comment Unblockus.com: how does it work?
@HBF probably caching, DNS resolution is slow and is cached at the OS level and browser level.
comment Why does 64-bit Windows need a separate “Program Files (x86)” folder?
One-liner answer (and hence a comment): since you can easily run any application from any folder without knowing its architecture, then there's clearly no compulsory reason for this separation. It is a matter of convenience to support double installs of applications with both architectures. In some cases it makes a difference as they are not necessarily simple recompiles. The main problem is that 32 bit apps can't load 64 bit dlls, so you can't typically install both versions in the same place. The other alternative is having two "bin" folders for each application.
comment How much speedup does a hyper thread give? (in theory)
Best answer :-)