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Fun Facts About Rich:

  • By day, I'm a software/systems engineer working on cool stuff for Gracenote, by night/spare-time I'm a crime fighting superhero web developer.

  • I'm British and have recently moved to San Francisco from London.

  • I like curry... and Mountain Dew... but not together.

This is my personal account. Any views expressed in any post/comment I make are mine alone and not those of my employer.

comment How to install Flash player in Ubuntu
Might be worth asking on askubuntu.com
comment How to make ssh log in as the right user?
@danadam : Yes, you're correct. I've updated the answer accordingly. Thanks.
comment How to make ssh log in as the right user?
Absolutely, you can specify as many as you want in the same .config file. I have over 20 in mine with no issues. I just leave a space between each distinct Host, which probably isn't required, but makes it more readable.