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comment Is there an encrypted write-only file system for Linux?
with respect to encryption keys, if he only keeps the public key on the system, then the concept of 'writable but not readable' is at least in theory achievable. The problem is that in the event of a full compromise, the attacker could change the operations! So shipping the data off system is definitely the right approach.
comment Threats about validation
@Revd Ken Sargeantson - what you may not know is that the key that was used to install Windows on your laptop is probably NOT the key printed on the sticker on the bottom (that's normal for OEMs). So it's likely that if you can re-activate with the sticker, you won't have a problem.
comment Recover overwritten encrypted partition
No one's ever demonstrated the ability to read over-written sectors on a hard disk, and you sure as heck can't do it with the drive's heads and firmware, which are explicitly designed to read back what was written, not leftover stray fields that won't exist most of the time anyway. If you actually wanted to pull that trick you'd need an electron microscope at a minimum, and probably a heck of a lab. You'll note that none of the major data recovery firms claim to be able to read data that's over-written.
comment Dell XPS randomly freezes – Mouse, keyboard and USB ports lose power until reboot
You might also try adding a powered, external hub to the system. If there's a device that just wants too much power, then the external hub can probably supply more than the MOBO can, and if something drags down the port, you should be able to just unplug and replug the hub to get things back online.
comment invincible laptop motherboard solder
@AndrejaKo - Lead-free solders melt at higher temps than leaded solders. Older single-temp irons were calibrated for a proper melting point for standard leaded solder, and won't touch the lead-free stuff. Further, older variable temp soldering stations don't always go up high enough to deal effectively with lead-free solder.
comment invincible laptop motherboard solder
A laptop of any recent vintage will have been manufactured with lead-free solder (it's been the standard for a number of years now). If your iron isn't specifically rated for lead-free, it's probably just not getting hot enough. You probably need to invest in a new iron.
comment Video encoding for archival
@akira - within a given encoding format, bitrate does determine quality. But different codecs do more or less with a given bitrate, so you can't ignore encoding format when you need quality. Older codecs didn't have the CPU to play with that more modern ones have, and so had to use more bits per quality than a more modern codec.
comment Would a USB hub work in reverse?
Why do you want a broadcasting keyboard? Typing the same thing on multiple devices at one time isn't usually a useful thing to do - what's your actual application? Perhaps with that info, we can come up with a more appropriate solution.
comment Charging/syncing 3rd generation iPod on Windows 7
iPods haven't used firewire for several generations at this point. Unless you bought a VERY old, used one you couldn't possibly have one that needed that.
comment How to use mineral oil cooling safely?
You'd also have evaporation issues, I'd think. I imagine that working with a deionized water system would sort of require easy access to de-ionized water for flushing, topping off, etc, etc. so it's probably not the best plan for a hobbyist.
comment Use a locked down computer to provide network access for an unlocked computer
And don't get caught - but you knew that.
comment Best way to get data off a computer with no support for USB or Ethernet?
I'd go with being paranoid & finding either a blank CD, or a bootable linux CD (so you can use USB devices). Older systems like this can be quick fragile, and I'd want the best backup I could get before I started taking parts out.
comment how to check if email address does exist?
With vrfy, you connect to a mail server, then vrfy username (the part before the @ in the e-mail address). If it's working, it will tell you yes or no whether the user is real. If it's not working (many are not) then it will either say 'forbidden', or 'I have no idea'. Note that the 'I have no idea' answer is perfectly legitimate for a mail forwarding host that doesn't have access to the underly account list. So even when working, vrfy may not be that useful.
comment Cannot properly format pendrive on Ubuntu 10.10
Did you delete all the partitions before you tried to reformat?
comment Record the last three hours of video with a webcam?
This sounds like something that would come up in the security field. I've never seen it for general use, but I could imagine that something similar (though with longer times) would be perfect for store security cameras, for instance.
comment I'm looking for a PDF reader that works in asymmetric dual monitors
What version of Adobe Reader? Perhaps it's the larger difference between monitors that you have, but on my system Adobe Reader 8 does just fine on either monitor.
comment Browsable compressed filesystem archive with full attributes?
Careful with the USB drive - make sure you know what filesystem is on it - they tend to come pre-formatted with a Windows filesystem of some sort, and those don't tend to support unix permissions.
comment How can I randomize my MAC address on boot on both iOS and Mac OS X?
What are you attempting to achieve by this? Knowing your objectives would help in finding a workable solution.
comment Is there a simple way to control the desktops of some clients and family members regardless of their environment?
Possible duplicate:…
comment What to look for in a good cheap color laser printer?
If your primary objective is photos, DO NOT go laser! Today's cheap lasers are great for text and all sorts of graphics, but for photos today, you really want to go inkjet! (I've got both, and even with laser photo paper, it's not that good).