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comment Best way to get data off a computer with no support for USB or Ethernet?
I'd go with being paranoid & finding either a blank CD, or a bootable linux CD (so you can use USB devices). Older systems like this can be quick fragile, and I'd want the best backup I could get before I started taking parts out.
comment how to check if email address does exist?
With vrfy, you connect to a mail server, then vrfy username (the part before the @ in the e-mail address). If it's working, it will tell you yes or no whether the user is real. If it's not working (many are not) then it will either say 'forbidden', or 'I have no idea'. Note that the 'I have no idea' answer is perfectly legitimate for a mail forwarding host that doesn't have access to the underly account list. So even when working, vrfy may not be that useful.
comment Cannot properly format pendrive on Ubuntu 10.10
Did you delete all the partitions before you tried to reformat?
comment Record the last three hours of video with a webcam?
This sounds like something that would come up in the security field. I've never seen it for general use, but I could imagine that something similar (though with longer times) would be perfect for store security cameras, for instance.
comment I'm looking for a PDF reader that works in asymmetric dual monitors
What version of Adobe Reader? Perhaps it's the larger difference between monitors that you have, but on my system Adobe Reader 8 does just fine on either monitor.
comment Browsable compressed filesystem archive with full attributes?
Careful with the USB drive - make sure you know what filesystem is on it - they tend to come pre-formatted with a Windows filesystem of some sort, and those don't tend to support unix permissions.
comment How can I randomize my MAC address on boot on both iOS and Mac OS X?
What are you attempting to achieve by this? Knowing your objectives would help in finding a workable solution.
comment Is there a simple way to control the desktops of some clients and family members regardless of their environment?
Possible duplicate:…
comment What to look for in a good cheap color laser printer?
If your primary objective is photos, DO NOT go laser! Today's cheap lasers are great for text and all sorts of graphics, but for photos today, you really want to go inkjet! (I've got both, and even with laser photo paper, it's not that good).
comment USB keyboard with tracepoint but no touch pad?
Let's see then...They make an integrated trackball with a rubber dome option ( It looks like their Mighty Mouse used to have a trackpoint option, but doesn't anymore. You might try giving them a call.
comment Wrong Windows version identified when installing anti-virus software. Reset Windows version in registry?
Thank you. Fixed. There are just some days that I shouldn't go near a keyboard.
comment Battery charge suddenly drops from about 25% to 6%
I've seen this exact behavior with my Dell Latitude - the original battery would go find until it hit about 45%, then die in about 60 seconds. Basically it means your battery is shot and you need a new one.
comment Recommendation for Wiki that supports WYSIWYG?
probably because it isn't an answer to the question at all. What you've provided is just background as to why things are the way they are - it doesn't give any information about how to fix the problem. That reference could have been a good comment on the question, but it's not answer.
comment Best way to transfer huge files over internet?
DropBox gives you 2Gig of space for free, so that's probably a good starting option.
comment System restore discs and Recovery partition
I suspect you can't create a bootable USB repair stick. You should be able to create system repair disks using an external USB dvd writer (they aren't too expensive, and you don't need high speed for this job).
comment One time BitTorrent download
For windows I've found that uTorrent ( tends to have the least problems, and it's easiest to use.
comment How to delete my hard drive safely?
Assuming that you're talking about a complete over-write of the drive, then in theory this is true, but so far no one's ever actually done it. You'd need some rather specialized hardware (no, you can't pull this trick with the drive's existing controller), and so far no one (including data recovery companies) has ever demonstrated this trick in the real world. Of course, if you completely destroy the magnetic media like I suggested, then you don't have this problem.
comment Convert Music Library to Ogg Vorbis without losing Tag Data
Be careful with your conversions - you could lose audio quality if you aren't careful. If you have CDs for any of this music, you might want to go re-rip the CDs directly to OGG Vorbis, rather than convert those tracks and risk audio quality.
comment Why does using 2 memory sticks cause my computer to crash?
What memory tests did you run, and for how long? Last time I had ram problems (I had a stick go intermittent) I had to run memtest86 for quite a while for it to show (it needed to warm up).
comment How to make sure I can restore the OS which came preinstalled on my laptop?
The other thing this method lets you do is delete the recovery partition (after taking the image!) and then use that space. Kind of nice to have everything you paid for, really...