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comment Set Windows system time from command line similar to Linux rdate command
Basically, I noticed that the system clock goes backwards on sundays at 00:00 UTC on that machine, and the application doesn't seem to tolerate that the time goes backwards. Since the machine is a completely clean Windows 2008 installation with just that app, I strongly assume that Windows 2008 is preconfigured to adjust the time on sundays at 00:00, and that the hardware simply has a clock that goes too fast. Therefore, I have disabled the built-in time sync in Windows 2008.
comment Moving users folder on Windows Vista/7 to another partition
This solution has one problem: If the separate drive disappears, for instance, if it's truecrypt encrypted and you forget to mount it, then Windows 7 will create a temporary profile, which takes significant time, and log you on anyway. In order to use this method for TrueCrypt, you need to create another profile on the C: drive, to mount it, and remember so unset the option that unmounts when you log off that other profile.
comment Truecrypt: Encrypt entire drive without having a CD/DVD drive
I am using Windows 7 64-bit on that machine, so the virtual CD-ROM Control Panel app from Microsoft does not work.