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comment When a parent uses fork, the child process is created in a continuous memory space?
Be careful with what "type" of memory you are asking about.. there is a difference between "Virtual Memory Addresses/Pages" and the "Physical Memory Address/Pages" that BACK the virtual ones... for example.. a "contiguous" range of Virtual Addresses for your simple C Array can be NON-contigious when baked by the physical memory pages. Users space memory is like this.. unless using special types of memory allocators to ask for specific page attributes.
comment Does a 15 mm high hard drive fit in the 15" MacBook Pro?
i also tried this with my 15" 2010 MBP and 15mm will not fit
comment How to change the X-Windows default border width for all window frames in Ubuntu using Gnome 2.28
But how do I change the window-edge pixel-width on any theme? I guess I need to find and read the docs on theme settings files.. if I can find the docs???
comment Any performance gain by putting Windows Pagefile.sys onto an Software RAID-0 Striped Volume?
It would "Software NTFS RAID-0 Stripe-Set".. the type of software raid that is available with NTFS Dynamic Disks as part of the disk manager.