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I'm your average arm chair sophist with penchant for doing logical proofs while jogging at mach 1.

comment Are menus dead?
I've found that the ribbon can be annoying at times ... like when it magically switches to a different tab as I'm navigating data... (MS Excel was the last place I recall seeing it in office 2007) Other than that I love it. Single click to do most actions... except those I switched the ribbon tab to before navigating the data... d'oh!
comment Ubuntu home directory selectively reverting
dd backups should only be problematic if you're also doing periodic, automated restores. . . I Imagine you're using ReiserFS or some other journaling filesystem. If somehow your drive is getting flaky and the journaling sessions aren't being closed properly this could explain it. (e.g. Improper shutdowns.) Try examining /etc/var/messages and see if there are any errors associated with the file system for your /home partition.(Assuming you have separate dive/partition for /home)
comment Dual boot 32 bit and 64 bit Windows
Were you also looking for advice on how to go about doing so?
comment Downloading from MSDN (BizSpark)
I use chrome at home and have pathetically slow download speeds. However, It hasn't timed out yet. . . So I'm thinking U62 is on the right track for what's causing you grief. Talk to your IT staff at work to see if they cap download sizes or have noticed anything "funny" with the NAT translations...etc.