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I'm a Computer Forensics student from Sweden. I've always been interested in programming, ever since I was taught how to write (very) simple S-BASIC programs on an SHARP MZ 700 at the age of six.

As I played games on my GameBoy or NES, I was more interested in how the stuff worked than by the actual gameplay, and this fascination has driven me to amass as much knowledge as possible about everything computer related. It's also led me to take up some amateur inde game development on the side of my studies.

I run a home network between my wife's and my own computers, with a central server to store common data. I mostly use GNU/Linux except for when a school project requires a windows environment.

My programming languages of preference is C, C++ and Python, and sometimes C#. I don't do a lot of web development, but I know my way around PHP and Javascript. I can also handle x86 assembler.