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comment High-pitched noise from Logitech Performance MX
Just a heads up, don't try an get new one under warranty, the place I used to work at I bought 3 of these mice, and have owned two (returned one due to above noise). All of them have this high pitched noise, however it's not an issue at work as it's generally too noisy to notice, but at home it's way to quiet, and you can hear it all the time. I just work with headphones now, until I can find a different ergonomic mouse, which is hard because this one is perfect but for the noise.
comment How to install FFmpeg on Debian?
+10 points. This answer should be up the top, as it's the most current.
comment VMware Fusion performance degrading after few hours
@harrymc Oh my, you are right! How did I miss that. I'm sure I read it all last week. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll give it a try.
comment VMware Fusion performance degrading after few hours
@harrymc He doesn't talk about the high CPU load in the post, but does mention it in his 2nd comment to this post, this is the same issue I'm having, and he talked about contacting VMware support, so was hoping to find out if he got that part of the issue resolved.
comment Using multiple screens with very different DPI simultaneously in Windows 8.1?
OK, so I'm not sure what I had working a few weeks back because I can't replicate it now. The closest I can get is by turning "Use full resolution for Retina display" off, which works, but makes everything pixalated on the laptop screen.
comment Filter only internet traffic to a VMware Fusion VM
Thanks, while this would work, it's not quite the solution I was after. I was hoping there was something I could do host side. Maybe creating a vlan with a filter on it, but I have no experience with this. I'll leave it open for a few more hours, then select your answer if nothing else has come up.
comment Adding a line into the hosts file, getting permission denied when using sudo - Mac
I want to make a script that will help automate this, so a text editor wouldn't help in this case.
comment SFP 1000Mbps vs 1000Mbps RJ45
Perfect answer, thank you.
comment SFP 1000Mbps vs 1000Mbps RJ45
Yeah sorry, RJ45