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comment Bash: can I set Ctrl-Backspace to delete the word backward?
There's a good example of how to do this at Konsole lets you do it. Copy one of the *.keytab files from /usr/share/kde4/apps/konsole/ into ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole and modify it with the suggestions in the link above, deleting the "key Backspace" line and adding: key Backspace-Shift-Control : "\x7f" and key Backspace-Shift+Control : "\E[9;3~" Also change the title line while you're at it: keyboard "Xfree4 Modlist", for example. You can then add "\e[9;3~": backward-kill-word" to ~/.inputrc
comment How to turn off chrome's annoying auto-fill?
NOTE: the specific example of a weather/ typo only really works if you have an ISP who is catching 404 errors and you haven't disabled it through whatever ISP preferences you have to opt out of, in which case the mistyped URL registers as a valid one and your ISP wins the marketing annoyance campaign.
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comment How to turn off chrome's annoying auto-fill?
That's not what the question is talking about. The "prediction service" setting does not disable inline autocomplete because items from the history or bookmarks still get pooled into the suggestions. The annoying part of it is that you have to either delete the inline suggestion or continue typing. What's worse is that you can't always delete the autocompletion. Try typing weather/ in the omnibox for example. Now everytime you want to search for weather in google, you get a 404 error instead because Chrome thinks weather/ is a URL until you clear the history.