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Atlanta area UNIX admin with a focus on LDAP, DNS, PAM, and just about any form of server troubleshooting that does not involve looking at source code.

I currently work as the DNS lead for a nationwide enterprise. Sometimes I miss those halcyon days of not having to know what the ADDITIONAL section of a DNS packet was. I always miss the days of not knowing what a DNS amplification attack is.

In my spare time I play computer games and pretend to be a C programmer. I think it's useful for all UNIX admins to spend enough time working with C to at least understand system calls; it doesn't take an expert, and it avoids contributing to the decline in classically trained sysadmins.

Awesome stuff I use:
vcXsrv (avoid XMing: its author is a Wikipedia vandalist, and vcXsrv has better clipboard support besides)

Books I recommend:
Advanced Unix Programming, 2nd Edition
The Essential Marcius Aurelius
The Single Unix Specification, Version 3 (if you're a masochist)