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Computer geek wannabe for about 20 year now. Could not get my fingers to type DOS well enough and was given a "old" Apple SE 30. My wife's school used Apple ][s still and was getting some Macintoshes so …

While designing and building skateboard (BMX & inline skates as well) parks and ramps I used a Performa 6200CD with a 15 in. screen to teach myself MiniCAD and QuickBooks Pro. System 7 was just out and the hardware was, well not Jobs-ian. But it worked enough for me to learn about how to get it to work again and sometimes better. To be honest the best it did for me was improve my typing skills and teach me ClarisWorks/AppleWorks. I would present a proposal to planning boards totally done in it and they would pass it. Often asking how I created the paperwork more than the actual park design.!?

As soon as I saw Apple buy NeXT I set myself on a path to learning UNIX. Maine took Gov. (now Senator) King's idea of 1-to-1 computers in education seriously. Apple's iBook was the perfect tool for the program. I don't say that as a "fanboy," but because we are still using more than half of those original iBook G3s today.

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