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comment How can I figure out what process is constantly accessing my hard drive in Windows XP?
Thanks! I can't believe I never noticed the column menu before...d'oh!
comment How do I figure out the display name of a Windows service from its “short” name?
Thanks - this is cool. I've been meaning to take some time to learn Powershell, but I don't happen to have it installed on the machine in question.
comment Transfer Windows to another hard disk
The Acronis products generally work well, although I have had issues with their latest tools on Windows 7. If you're not already doing backups of your system regularly, it's definitely worth the money to invest in a tool like Acronis True Image.
comment Can I remove and put back the heatsink of my processor without reapplying thermal paste
Agreed. (I couldn't type in my answer fast enough. :) I've had excellent luck with the Arctic Silver products. They make a cleaning kit called "Arcti-Clean" that includes a solvent to remove the old paste. Paper coffee filters work great for cleaning off the old paste without leaving any lint behind.
comment Back / Forward mouse buttons do not work in VMWare Workstation 6.5 Guest OS
Thanks! That seems to have worked perfectly for me. Not sure if I just never tried this or if something has been fixed in VMWare Workstation 7 (I just upgraded) but either way, thanks!
comment Remote connection to a PC over internet
I have to put in another vote for Log Me In. It auto-configures everything in Windows and traverses NAT firewalls beautifully. It's been bulletproof for me over the last few years.
comment Back / Forward mouse buttons do not work in VMWare Workstation 6.5 Guest OS
Thanks - This setting does work, but with one caveat: You have to enable USB on the guest and then "connect" the mouse to the guest via the [VM --> Removable Devices] menu. This does enable the back / forward buttons, but it also disconnects the mouse from the host OS! Since I frequently switch back and forth between the guest and the host, this is not really a workable solution for me. If you were staying within the guest OS for extended periods of time, though it would work well. If there is no further workaround, I will probably still accept this answer as correct, though.