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I'm married, dad of 3, and an IT Specialist/Admin. My formal training is centered more to the programming side. I wrote my first code by the time I was 10 (QBasic) and have been a coder ever since. However, there still aint shit with a keyboard or somekind of interface I can't cr4ck. I tend to identify more with eccentric personalities and have been accused of being an introvert (and a pervert too for that matter). It's not that I hate everyone, just stupid people. Which pretty much covers a 90% majority of you assholes out there, and yes I mean you. Humm... Let's see, I'm opinionated and not afraid to say it, I hate athority and organized religion. I'm pretty good at math and science and have a love of literature and history. Anything below an A in my family is heresy and punishable by death (at least socially). Some people think I'm a hard ass or an asshole, and they're probably right, but hey I consider it a compliment most of the time. The world hangs in the balance most of the time these days and you've got to be prepaired mentally, physically, and emotionally for anything. "Life remains... Will to Power"

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