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I love Macs. I've been a computer geek since i was 11. I started with Linux and loved it. Then some years later I became a fan of Windows (i was an American teen living in South America, so i did know Macs even existed, nobody had 'em!). And now I'm a hardcore fan of OS X (and Hackintoshes for that matter). I want to develop a 3D content browser to replace HTML someday. In the meanwhile i'm just learning more and more on my own until i can afford college or get a job. The NextStep platform is the best thing ever. It's almost flawless. Im not so much of a fan of Apple as I am of the NextStep platform. I'll be the fan of whatever platform i think is the best designed and as far as i know NextStep and its descendants are it. I also wanna develop a free version of Darwin with GNUStep since Apple might make OS X locked down like iOS, and becuase they'll sue the shit out of you if you commercially hackintosh. The next best thing to NextStep is BSD. Windows is shit and Darwin is far surperior to Linux and / or Windows. In 20 years Windows will die out. I also love the Wine project and I port Windows games to Mac on theportingteam.com. The the future I expect free software projects to double or triple. I hope in the future we can find a solution to piracy (its really a battle you cant win), and commercial software can be replaced by free software projects, without software programmers (note programmers, not companies) making less money. Take WINE and CrossOver for example. They made something awesome, and instead of keeping it to themselves they shared it. Yet they found a way to make a good living and work on what they as programmers want to work on. I'm an Atheist and i beleive in the human race. i want to dedicate my life to progress technology so we can all have a higher standard of living. While i'm sharing my fantasies, i also want to progress robotics so that people in the future wont have to do manual labor.

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