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comment PC randomly dies
Nothing is wrong with the screen and the computer is virus free? Have you also used a different hard drive in it? Just in case something could be wrong with the software on the hard-drive?
comment Why is Google so much faster than a hard-drive search?
@Brad Patton True. I had to mention it because it was the basis of what I learned. And the part about indexing constantly, well the indexing part is kind of the organizing part. Therefore the statement holds that you search what has been organized and not what is being indexed at the moment. As for why the result is showing, stackoverflow has more credibility than many websites, therefore it's good to idea to index it more frequently. That's why it shows up. If it wasn't for that, you would have to wait a day or two before what you search shows up. I think that's what Mr JosephMyers is saying.
comment Why is Google so much faster than a hard-drive search?
It's extremely complicated to describe the producing/organizing process.... Yep, that's what I refer to as the sophisticated part of it. Thumbs up, you summarized it well.