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I'm currently using Windows 7 Professional

I wanted to upgrade to Windows 8 but my system requirement seems not fit to it as I'm using a netbook with screen that can play only up to 600p for quality, and bugged/hanged/crashed when attempting 720p. No HD support. I generally watch 480p version of video.

I want to use the new fonts included in Windows 8 as it has been updated, this includes Segoe UI. There're also Myanmar font that I don't have (even though I won't use it but it will convenient me a lot when viewing websites with mixed languages)

The most important fonts I want is:

Segoe UI (the updated version which includes Lisu script and supports Arabic)

Segoe UI Symbol (the updated version)

Malgun Gothic (the updated version which includes old hangul)

Microsoft JhengHei UI (it's the new font in Windows 8)

Microsoft YaHei UI (it's the new font in Windows 8)

Nirmala UI (it's the new font in Windows 8)

Comic Sans (updated version)

Additional fonts that may be useful for me:

Ebrima (updated version)

Gadugi (new font in Windows 8)

Myanmar Text (new font in Windows 8, I think I need this because I don't have Myanmar font at all in my Windows 7! It appears as boxes!)

Actually I don't read Myanmar language but when comes to multilingual websites, I hates to see boxes! And for the Arabic, it's because I'll be using the Arabic font to write the Jawi script for my schoolwork, not because I want to write Arabics, well, I don't know Arabs and I'm not an Arab, lol, I'm a Malay.

Note: My native language is Malay (Malaysian standard Malay) with Chinese (Malaysian Mandarin) be the second, English (Malaysian English, which originated from British English but affected by American English) being the third and now learning Japanese. I DO NOT KNOW OR LEARNT MYANMAR LANGUAGE. AND I ONLY KNOW PARTIAL INDIRECT ARABIC WORDS (like "syukur" for "thankful") WHICH WAS ADOPTED INTO MALAY LANGUAGE, I DO NOT KNOW OR LEARNT THE REAL ARABIC LANGUAGE. In speaking, I generally use Kedahan Malay instead of my native Malaysian Standard Malay because majority of my Malay and Indian friends are using Kedahan Malay. (There are some differences between Kedahan Malay and Malaysian standard Malay, read about it here ) I will always use Chinese when I talks with Chinese friends. I will use English when talks with a person who knows neither Kedahan Malay nor Malaysian Standard Malay, or overseas or when talking with a Chinese friend who don't speak Malaysian Mandarin and Malay.

If you want to know about the Jawi script, you can read about it at here.

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