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I'm just someone who likes to help. If you're a fan of Flame Warriors, I'm Eagle Scout(coincidentally, I also hit Eagle in Boy Scouts. I know about Linux, but right now I'm kind of Red Hat-centric. I'm available for work in the Omaha, NE area. My profile at Server Fault has a good deal of what I know; again, I like to help people, and will offer what knowledge I have. What was freely given to me, I shall freely give. No matter how much you give away, you still have the same amount of knowledge.

comment Can I make different tabs of (gnome) Terminal have different profiles?
No, the right thing to do would be to answer it yourself(as if you were another user), then accept that as an answer by clicking on the outline of a checkmark next to the answer.
comment How can I customize the OS login/password prompt in Linux?
What distro(version) of Linux are you using?
comment Why is my RAM is not fully used in Windows?
You want to make sure that your processor is a 64-bit processor; if it isn't then having a 64-bit OS will do you no good.
comment How can I do Ctrl-Z and bg in one keypress to make process continue in background?
I will note that this requires zsh; it is not supported in bash. (out of the box, anyway)
comment How to configure Windows' security settings to be more secure
+1 The number one defense you have for your machine is between the keyboard and the chair. Short of that, automatic updates and a/v, firewall, malware scans will help, but will not do anything if you say that you are willing to do anything if it will only show you that video of the dancing baby.
comment Is there a way to block 3rd party software from taking control over the keyboard?
But what you don't tell them is that the computer you re-register from is virtual.
comment No space left on device with encrypted disk that takes all space
sort -h will only work with newer versions of gnucoreutils.
comment changing port number - is it still possible to guess what is listenning there?
Not answering the question directly, but if you are logged on via ssh or some other shell access, then you can run sudo netstat -lntp and it will tell you what process is listening on that port and what the process binary is.
comment How do I cycle between my monitors in Synergy?
OP is running XP, where there is a GUI to configure screens.
comment Hiding certain bookmarks from the awesome bar / autocompletion
If you want to get better answers, then you might try accepting an answer on each of your other questions. Click on the outline of a checkmark to mark it as the accepted answer for a question.
comment VNC viewer does not refresh the screen
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comment Is 4 pin 12v connector necessary in my motherboard?
I wouldn't worry about permanent damage, but you're asking for trouble by not providing power where requested.
comment why does my time warner cable modem connection enter dead period states every 20 mins?
@Moab: DHCP servers are not something that can be changed. You either get an IP address from them or you don't. DNS servers wouldn't make a difference; he can still ping the outside world, but can't hit websites.
comment Is there any Windows-based media player software that allows you to pause a video, and then un-pause a few seconds earlier?
-1: I've had VLC for a long time now and I don't think it can do this.
comment connect two computers together via a rs232 serial port
@Theo: Did you know that you can just download putty.exe and not go through any install process?
comment I must clear my cmos to be able to boot
The OP said that he tried each stick of RAM individually.
comment Can i control my Desktop machine from Laptop if both use same internet connection
The asker wanted to control the desktop, not share files.
comment Virus / Malware: Explorer window with strange user logged into Hotmail
I will note for future readers that LogMeIn is not the only software that will enable remote management like this; I know of at least one other software package that will enable it: Kaseya. However, the second comment did address what I was getting at, that is: something that will let remote users take over the PC without actually sitting at the console.
comment Creating iTunes listing including “Where” information?
@Hugh : If the answer has fully answered the question, then consider marking it as an Accepted Answer by clicking on the outline of a checkmark to the left of the answer. This lets other people know that it has been answered.
comment Bypass a licence agreement when mounting a DMG on the command line
Could possibly go on SF; you're dealing with issues that arise from working with many machines. However, it could also go here.