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Computer geek (aren't we all), that works hands on with metal work (it forces me to go outside and meet other people -_-). I usually dabble in batch (cmd.exe) and autoit3 scripts for self made projects (backups and the like), but I'm a master Googler that enjoys problem solving/trouble shooting so I usually get stuff fixed and working in the end (if not way it was intended perhaps).

Been interested in starting with real cooding (mainly c/c#/python) for a while now, but my daunting fear of actually having to sit down and study has prevented me to take those final steps (I most likely will one of theese days though).

Other bio, I enjoy books (sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy and thrillers), movies & series (not much interest in either these last few years though), and games (struggling through very-hard+ single player games preferably), and finally most everything logic based. (as long as I can understand the logic behind it)

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