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comment How safe is it to run CHKDSK on an SSD?
@iconiK, I think that's exactly the type of info I was looking for. Sure, the read/write cycles might be relatively insignificant, even with or without TRIM, or other new crazy variations of the technology. But if there is a "bad sector" then I would want to know whether a whole "section" of the SSD memory chip (or one of many) would be marked as "bad." If one such "section" is, say, 2GB in size, and gets marked as "bad," then my 128GB SSD would become a 126GB SSD. I'm not at all familiar with how the technology is built, so that's why is awesome :)
comment How safe is it to run CHKDSK on an SSD?
@iconiK - with the newest breed of SSDs I'm sure that there's very little to worry about. But with the first generation or two of SSDs there were many pitfalls that people were worried about (though not necessarily any actual problems). SSDs in mainstream usage are a very new technology. I bet most people here (on SuperUser) don't realize that things like CDs and DVDs have a shelflife of only a couple decades. You know all those things you backed up on CDs 10 years ago? The bits might be rusting...
comment How safe is it to run CHKDSK on an SSD?
@Carl I added the SSD"s model number. I did some searches on it but the people on the Interwebs were arguing about whether it's supported or not and that it depends on the firmware version (which I don't know how to check).
comment Windows commandline help
Do you actually mean DOS? Or do you mean from the Windows command line (which is not DOS, but looks similar)?