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comment Is Windows 7 Home Edition set to shut down if mouse is unplugged?
It did not happen again when I pulled the mouse cable out a second time. The only thing I can think of is that the first time I pulled it out, my hand bumped the mass of wires where the power strip was and I afterwards secured it. But the second time I unplugged the cable carefully.
comment Adding to New context menu item in Windows Explorer
Yes, thanks. I also just learned that in Windows 7 (which is what I should have mentioned I am using), I can hold the shift key and then right-click on a folder and see the option to open a command prompt with that folder as the current directory.
comment What mode do modern 64-bit Intel chip PCs run the boot sector in?
haimg, thanks for that link and clarification. @Deshe, sorry to take away best answer.
comment Are super computers made with just cache technology?
Interesting, huge instruction sets, as in CISC? I'd like to check out documentation of an example of a modern supercomputer with CISC's instruction set.
comment Is BIOS read from the BIOS chip or copied into RAM on startup?
So from what I understand of what you said, upon coming to life, the CPU reads instructions from ROM, which instructions say "Copy all the startup instructions here in ROM to RAM and then set the program counter to such-and-such beginning address in RAM." Is that about right?
comment How is encryption handled when different email clients send emails securely?
Thanks! I take it if you have an email account at, and I've never written you before, the finding of your public key entails my email client contacting the email server at, requesting, and getting your public key, all unencrypted (since I have no public key yet) and encrypting & sending my email to you after I have it.
comment chmod doesn't seem to work on Cygwin as expected
Windows XP Professional
comment How does non-web based email like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird work?
Thanks, I didn't know about nslookup. That seems like a pretty useful tool. I tried to send an email to myEmailAccount@ instead of where was one of the ip addresses nslookup seemed to have given for, but it didn't work.
comment How does non-web based email like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird work?
I see. Your sentence stating that emails to me go to the email server and not directly to the client software makes it clear. Thank you.