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Computer user since I damaged an old DOS machine back when I was 10 or so. Learned a lot by looking over my mother's boyfriend's shoulders as they worked on a Windows 95 machine and went from there. Over the years I've learned the tips, tricks, and tweaks for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. I hope to forever forget the travesty that was Windows ME and my years working with it.

Built a few machines, fixed countless others, and I love getting my hands on the hardware. Overclocked a few times but wasn't ready to commit.

A+ certified and working on CCNA courses to get into networking. Along the way, I continue to use my first self-built machine that's going on five years old and a laptop I brought back from the dead that's still kicking after ten years of faithful service.

I'm not perfect, nor do I consider myself an expert, but I'm here to learn, to be helpful, and improve not just myself but others as well. Cheers!

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